I think what it did do is our players knew that what wasn't good enough.  They've heard sometimes after a game, I go, that's just not good enough anymore.  Might have been.  Our guys knew -- they were short conversations when we did have to send somebody out.  Very seldom did we send somebody out for lack of production?  Hey, we need someone that can pitch three innings tomorrow night instead of blowing up.  They understand how it was going.  They came in and knew somebody was coming and somebody was going because we needed to maintain a level of competition.  There were no secrets in Norfolk.  You guys had a clock flying to the people in Norfolk.  They knew about the move before he did.

They don't have watt signs anymore, do they?  Remember those?

Q.  What about your approach to pitching this year?  You gave each pitcher on the 40¿man roster a biomechanical analysis, and you went through Peterson, Rick Adair.  What kind of impact did that setup have?

BUCK SHOWALTER:  Some people do it with their eyes.  Some people do it with magnets and testing.  It all works.  So you embrace everything to try ¿¿ our pitching coaches did a great job all through the system.

Rick Adair is one of those guys that you're not going to see doing an interview after a guy's pitched a shutout because he knows next time out a lot of guys run for cover.  But very quietly our pitching coach did an unbelievable job, all things considered.  Monitoring the innings of the guys like Miguel Gonzalez and Chen, who entered areas he'd never been before and give an extra day's rest where we needed it.

And trying to maintain, Rick and -- we had a whole lot of help from Rick Peterson and our whole staff out there.  It was fun to be around because everybody knew how big a contribution they were making, and I appreciate it.  I laud them for it. 

Kind of crazy.  You get playoff bonuses.  It should be shuffled around to all our guys.  I think we should do that.

Q.  Buck, you mentioned the WBC earlier.

BUCK SHOWALTER:  And I shouldn't have.

Q.  Obviously, it does disrupt clubs in Spring Training because you lose some guys to it.

BUCK SHOWALTER:  I haven't actually been in one yet.  All those years, I haven't been in it.

Q.  Do you feel there's a better time to have it?


Q.  What would that time be?

BUCK SHOWALTER:  I hate when guys complain about something and don't have a solution.  Like I got in trouble at ESPN about doing the realignment thing, and I talked about two clubs that they should dissolve.  Not going there again.  Because they didn't.  And when I went in there ¿¿

Personally, I'd like to see them extend the All¿Star break and do it in the middle of the season when people are healthy, and it doesn't disrupt the season.  I think that would be one solution.  You can't start earlier, and you can't continue it.  If you extended the All-Star break, which would allow people to stay healthier, then you've got people at the peak of their development.  It's more obvious who's healthy and who's not healthy.

So the rule would be, if you can't play in the WBC, you can't play in the All¿Star game.  No.  That's what I would do.  What do you think?  You got a better solution?

Q.  I don't think there really is a good one.  I was just asking an opinion.  That's all.

BUCK SHOWALTER:  When would you all have it?  When would you have it, Sue?  Are you a big fan?

Q.  I'm not a big fan.  I'm not sure I'd do it.

BUCK SHOWALTER:  They messed up.  We were supposed to play Brazil.  But some team upset somebody, and now we're playing Spain.

Q.  Brazil beat Panama, and so Brazil gets sent to Japan because half their team is Japanese descent, and Spain goes to Puerto Rico instead.  And you get Italy.

BUCK SHOWALTER:  We get Italy?

Q.  No, we get Spain

Q.  I thought Spain was going to Puerto Rico.

BUCK SHOWALTER:  Britain, the mother has some Dominican background.  They asked for him.  Markakis with the Greeks.  All of a sudden, really?  I guess it's popular.  Outside the country.

Q.  More so.