Taylor Teagarden talks about his national TV oops

The Baltimore Sun

Catcher Taylor Teagarden said he was hoping that Fox television cameras didn’t pick up his verbal slip-up after teammates hit him in the face with shaving cream pies following Saturday’s walkoff homer in the 13th against the Tigers.

He didn’t know until his mom called after the game that his four-letter expletive — let’s just say a synonym for doo-doo — was broadcast after he was “pied” by Adam Jones, Robert Andino and Mark Reynolds. He was hoping there was a seven-second delay. But his mom — and everyone watching — heard it clearly.

“The first thing she said was, ‘Do you realize you said that and it was on live television?’ I was like, ‘Was it really?’” Teagarden said. “At that point, that was the first anyone had told me about it. I thought maybe they had bleeped it out. I felt embarrassed. I’d like to apologize if I could.”

Teagarden, a backup who was making his Orioles debut Saturday, said as soon as the word left his mouth he regretted it.

“I was like, ‘Oh man,’” he said. “It’s not very often that I am on a live broadcast after a game, especially with emotions as high as they were at the time.”

He said he was expecting phone calls and texts from buddies across the country ribbing him for the slip-up, but instead all he got were congratulatory messages for the homer. So, did he catch “doo-doo” from his mother?

“No, my mom’s got as bad of a mouth as I do,” he joked.

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