And I see my good friend Mike Bordick over here, he does the TV job, great job, Mike. Great instructor, great infielder working in the Oriole organization, he does a marvelous job. I appreciate you being here, Mike.
But anyway, I don’t know if I missed anyone, but I just want to tell you how much you fans mean to me. I love all of you. And I want to tell you, as I said before, this is like a playoff right now. I hope you go in and enjoy the game, and the Orioles come out winning. Thank you!”
* * * * *
Brooks Robinson Press Conference
On the day overall:
I’m glad it’s over. That’s my final goodbye. No more statues. No more big “say hello’s”.
On the statue court in centerfield:
It sure is. That is wonderful out there. I’ve admired some of the other ballparks that I’ve seen the statues in, Philadelphia and the Cubs, what they’re doing. Mr. Angelos’ generosity here is great. And Toby Mendez, I thought he did a fantastic job on all those statues out there.
On how the success of the current team affected the experience:
Oh my goodness, yeah. You don’t think we’d have that crowd out there tonight if they were 10 games out, do you? They have surpassed anything that any of us thought would happen. This has been a strange year. I said in my speech that in all my years, I’ve never seen anything like it. Running guys down, bringing them back, and running them down. The thing that I look at, when the Yankees brought someone up from Triple-A, those guys could play in the big leagues. And Boston, when they brought someone up, those guys could play in the big leagues. It looks like that’s just what happened to our team. When they bring someone up, they’re ready to play in the big leagues and that’s one reason they’re having this wonderful success.
On the reasons for the success of the current Orioles:
It has to go back to scouting and who you sign. Lew Ford, he started out in the Atlantic League this year and somebody thought this guy would be a good fit in the Orioles Triple-A. They brought him up, he did well, and he’s in the big leagues. It all goes back to scouting and signing your first round draft choice and your second round draft choice. We went for a stretch there, I know it had to be 25 or 30 years, that I wondered who’s making these choices. No one came to the big leagues. I saw something one time in the last 25 or 30 years, our first round draft choices, I didn’t see anyone I recognized. Now it’s just the opposite.