Orioles still pondering roster move, DL options

The Baltimore Sun

TORONTO -- The Orioles have yet to make a roster move today to recall right-hander Steve Johnson, who joined the club this morning.

The team is exploring several options, all likely DL moves, as the corresponding move to add Johnson. Manager Buck Showalter added that the team doesn’t necessarily have to add Johnson today since he arrived this morning and there’s a 24-hour taxi-squad rule.

As for Johnson, he barely got any sleep last night. He left Allentown, Pa. around 2:45 this morning to catch a 6 a.m. flight to Toronto. He arrived at the team hotel around 8:30.

Johnson said he tried to get some sleep on the flight and in his cab rides, but it wasn’t much.

He’s used to it though. Last season, Johnson made a cross-country trip to Seattle to be available the next day.

Here’s the Orioles’ lineup:

McLouth 7, Machado 5, Markakis 9, Jones 8, Davis 3, Hardy 6, Valencia DH, Navarro 4, Snyder 2, Garcia 1

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