Rick Peterson

Age: 58 Recent position: Orioles director of pitching development Skinny: When Duquette hired him before the 2012 season, he was thought to be the club's pitching coach in waiting, though he seems to be happy with his current gig. He's been a major league coach for four teams (Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Athletics, New York Mets and Milwaukee Brewers) and has had success. He's a believer in biomechanical analysis, something Duquette also champions. Connolly's Take: This would be an interesting hire. I'm not sure Peterson's personality and philosophies mesh with Showalter's, but the guy has a proven track record. I can't see Duquette vetoing Showalter on an important staff hire, so it would have to be a mutual decision. Don't rule it out, but I'd say it is unlikely that Peterson gets the job.
Gene Sweeney Jr., Baltimore Sun
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