Thome headed back to Baltimore for MRI on neck

The Baltimore Sun

Orioles designated hitter Jim Thome plans to return to Baltimore on Monday night for an MRI on his neck.

Thome, who woke up Saturday morning with discomfort in his neck and was later diagnosed with neck spasms, said he tried to take batting practice on Monday and his neck "didn't respond the way we wanted it to."

"It's really not getting any better, to be honest," Thome said. "Maybe a little bit of improvement, but not much."

Thome has dealt with neck spasms in the past but said this injury has caused him more discomfort than usual. Typically, he said the symptoms subside after a couple of days. This time, though, the spasms have persisted.

"I think this is more of a, 'Let's find out if there's anything in there that's wrong,' than, 'Oh, there's something really bad.'" Thome said. "I don't know, I just know the discomfort I'm having. ... I want to get back as quick as I can, and that's why, I think that's the reason we're going to go and do that tomorrow."

He added that the symptoms haven't gotten worse.

Since being traded to the Orioles on June 30, Thome has batted .261 in 18 games with two home runs and six RBIs.

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