2. Got home bought MLB.TV for $9.99 for the rest of the season so I could watch my O's play

3. Was watching the end of the Rays game and thank god the Soxs held on

4. Watched President Obama on Letterman at midnight while the O's played the 9th on my laptop we SCORED.

5.  Watched the next 9 innings hoping for a run and wasn't disappointed, now I'm back at work in NYC and NEED SLEEP

Rishi Kadiwar

I stayed up for all 18 innings last night (with possibly a nodding off moment somewhere around the 16th inning)- now at work in an all day budget briefing.  On my second diet coke of the morning. 

Emily Alt

My head hit the pillow at 4:05 a.m., minutes after the Orioles completed another warrior-like display of tenacity and resolve ... another chapter in one of the most improbable seasons in baseball history. Yes, I'm here to tell you that this story has become larger than "just" Baltimore.  This season is fast becoming a Disney screenplay.  I marvel over Matt Wieters.  Is he human?  I marvel over Buck Showalter.  Sometimes it seems as though he could walk across the Inner Harbor without getting wet.

Last night, as each inning passed, as each mariner bullet was dodged, I kept telling myself that "this would be my last inning".  I was fully aware of the absurdity that I was sacrificing a productive "tomorrow" so I could stay up for this marathon.  I knew I had to take my son to school at 7:30 a.m. … and I knew that the car ride to school would be all about the O's.  And I also knew that we were in the midst of a 13-game extra-inning win streak ... and there was NOTHING that would stop me from watching a single stroke of Buck's genius, or a single pinch hit.

So, as the clock struck 3:40 a.m. and Jim Johnson FINALLY made his way toward the mound, I sat in awe as my team passed ice through its collective veins and closed in on another win, another visit to the top of the standings, and another morning where I could tell my 6-yearold son that our team is special.  I've loved this team for more than 30 years, and I've never stopped.  And if they play another 18 innings tonight, you can be sure that I'll be awake ... until the final out.

Dan Solomon

I did stay up for the whole game and did go to work.  I am not tired yet though - still pretty pumped up!  I live in Richmond and watched the telecast on MASN.

Go O's!

Dave Keys

I stayed up for the conclusion of the Orioles game this morning. I'm active duty military and am on watch overnight tonight, so I didn't mind the preparation in adjusting my body. Go O's!

Alex Polyak

I woke up at the top of the 9th inning just in time to catch the 2 runs scored to tie the game.  I was feeling pretty lucky thinking I might see the O's win just watching a few innings...ha.  About 4 hrs later I did see the win.  Luckily I recently retired and could sleep in this morning.  Thanks for the win Orioles!

Theresa Waltermyer

Living in Gettysburg I know history when I see it and hear it! My 6 month old puppy at 1:30am decided he needed to go out and “do his business”, so while taking Teddy out I grabbed my smartphone and figured I could check the final of the O’s game…. Saw it was STILL going in the 12th so I figured I would pull-up the audio on the At-Bat app and listened….. and Listened… and listened….

Cannot believe this team!  I had gone to the game last Tuesday that went 14 innings and here they go again winning now in 18 inning and 5 plus hours on the field.   This team is magical and this is really a season to remember.