I fell asleep on my sofa 10-ish (EST) and woke up shortly after 12 to see the O’s were down 2-0 bottom of 8. I decided to stay up to see what was in store for top of 9 and after the O’s tied it I was “all in” for the rest of the game. I followed the game on my IPod Touch using the ESPN ScoreCenter app, Twitter, and trading texts with my brother in Nashville, TN, for the “2nd 9 innings.” I don’t think I woke up my family in the 18th, but I haven’t asked them yet either. I fell asleep shortly after JJ closed it out around 4 a.m. Up at 7 a.m. and at work by 8 a.m. Coffee was poured by 8:05. No regrets … glad they won … yet another awesome memory of the Orioles in 2012.

Brad Chelton

Columbus, OH

I stayed up to watch the game knowing that I had to be up at 6:30 to volunteer at a local Baltimore school.  While I did switch from TV to radio around 3:30, I was not about to miss the outcome of this game!  Let's go O's!

Catherine Brown 

Stayed up. Did not watch postgame. Had a meeting at 8:30 this morning.

Good times though. I'm 53, feels like the old all-nighter in days of youth.

Michael Williams

Harrisburg, PA 

I've been a LOYAL AND COMMITTED O's fan since 2nd grade. I’m 31 now and have never wavered. I live on the West Coast now and sat my job late into the night to watch my boys kill it in the 18th (at a game I was supposed to be at) against the gang from Seattle!!!

This has been the most fulfilling year of my entire natural life!!!

Joshua A. Queen

Bend, OR

Haven't stayed up that late since I was at the hospital watching my nine-year-old granddaughter while her mom was giving birth to a new little sister. That was better, but I hope that game was part of the birth of something new and beautiful. 

Tom Keller

Biltmore Lake, NC

Yup...using MLB "streaming" subscription...I made it to the end! Former 'Bal-de-moron' who used to hang-out around the Fred Tyler clubhouse! Now living in CO.

William "Doc" Gehring, Ph.D.

(Plate umpire in "Major League II" for the final strikeout!)

Stayed up through the 9th listening on my IPhone.  Heard the hit by Davis to tie it up.  Was in and out of sleep through the 14th inning, on one hand trying to fall asleep, while on the other hand not wanting to miss what happened next.  I decided at 2:00 A.M. that I needed to get some sleep, and only way that would happen was to shut my phone off.  Woke up again at 3:50 A.M. like a kid on Christmas morning.  Grabbed my phone, and in a sleep induced daze saw the 4-2 score and rejoiced.  Then I realized the game was not over, and was going into the bottom of the 18th.  Convinced myself that JJ would close it out and it was not worth losing more sleep to listen to the end.  Woke up to see the game was won.