“It’s been great. Those guys have welcomed me pretty well, they all welcomed me. And congratulated me, shook my hand. I’m excited to throw, if I throw tonight. “

What happened after you got the call?

“About 3:45 a.m., basically Brian Graham told me to meet him in the lobby at 5:15. I was down at the lobby at 415. I was ready to go. At the AmericInn (in Sarasota, Fla.). Next thing you know I had to get back up to my room to get my phone charger.  I had to go back up to it again to get my toiletry bag. I was definitely rushing a little bit to get going on that plane. Then we went to the field to get my baseball stuff.”

Are you always that forgetful?

“No, never.  I’m sure I forgot some things, too.”

Is the curveball the pitch you’ve been working on?

“Just (be) more consistent. It’s got good depth to it, but just be more consistent with it.”

Have you completely shelved the cutter (since the organization took it away)?

“No, it’s not out of my repertoire. I’ve always had it. I’ve thrown it in bullpens. Ever since spring training I’ve kept it in my back pocket. I still have a feel for it. If it comes to that time and I feel like I can throw it for a strike, I’m gonna.”

Bundy was told that former Cy Young winner John Smoltz said on MLB Network to go pretend like he’s pitching in a Double-A game. His thoughts?

“That’s good advice. That’s all it is, is 60 feet, six inches. Same at Double-A Bowie.”