-- If the Orioles win their next two games against Boston, and the Angels lose one of their next two against Texas, the Orioles will clinch a postseason berth.

-- The Orioles can also clinch on Sunday if they split the next two games, the Rays split their next two against Chicago and the Angels lose their next two.

Got that?

There is still, of course, a very realistic chance of the Orioles winning the division, and there's still the matter of sorting out homefield advanatage in the wild-card playoff.

But those are your bare-bones clinching scenarios for now. That should be enough to chew on until the next round of games clears up the picture a little more.

Also, you'll note that the White Sox have dropped off the wild-card standings above. If they don't catch the Tigers and win the AL Central (they're one game back), then they're out.

And finally, there's this: The Orioles are still within shouting distance to earn homefield advantage throughout the entire American League playoffs. With five games to play, they're just two behind the Rangers for the best record in the AL.


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