"From the stench emanating out of Arlington to the epic lead-blowing in Tampa Bay to the four-figure crowds in Cleveland to opponents still outscoring New York to the sub-.500 record of Baltimore since the break to Ned Yost redefining managerial blundering with Kansas City, the American League wild-card race is like six rats fighting over two pieces of cheese with the Benny Hill theme blasting in the background."

With Texas facing Tampa and Cleveland playing Kansas City this week, it's a good news/bad news predicament for the Orioles. Two of those teams are going to win each night and two are going to lose. For the Orioles' sake, they know all they can do is win their games against a Red Sox team that's hot and has been dominant at home.

The bottom line is that two teams are going to play past Sept. 29, and one of them is going to earn a ticket into the ALDS, where the slate is wiped clean and it shouldn't shock anybody if said team gets hot and wins a series.

It would probably help if that unknown team began a run of good baseball in the final two weeks of the regular season, but at this point it's anyone's guess which club has the best shot at doing that.

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Stat of the day

The Red Sox's 13 wins against the Yankees this year are the most wins by any team against New York since the 1976 Orioles went 13-5. (Courtesy of @MLBStatoftheDay)