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Andino: 'I ain't a future teller'

The Baltimore Sun

Second baseman Robert Andino said he believes his war of words with New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin at the end of Monday’s game was a misunderstanding – nothing more.

“Just heat of the moment, boys being boys,” Andino said. “We had a few words, but nothing big.”

Martin apparently accused Andino of tipping pitch location in the ninth inning, while Andino was at second base and Yankees closer Mariano Rivera was on the mound.

“I guess so, but it was just a misunderstanding, I guess. Ain’t nothing really,” said Andino, who had doubled off Rivera. “That’s his job, he’s a catcher. He has his own opinion, but it was nothing really.”

Andino was asked whether he thought there might be retaliation in today’s game, whether he thought a Yankees pitcher might throw at him.

“I ain’t a future teller, so I don’t know,” he said.

If he does get hit, Andino said, he would “just go to first.”

For the record, Andino denied tipping location. And Orioles manager Buck Showalter thought the accusations were way off base.

“I know what I think right and wrong is in the sense of reality,” Showalter said. “It's not exactly like Mariano is featuring a curveball and a changeup and a split. It certainly didn't work out that well if that was the case.”

Tipping pitches or tipping location is nothing new – it’s something all teams keep an eye on, Showalter said.
“I think a lot of that goes on in baseball. I don't want to call it paranoia. It's something we're aware of when we're playing the teams like the Yankees and few other teams,” he said. “Anytime you have a lot of veteran players and guys who have played with each other for a while, it's something you look for from an advance-scout standpoint and during the course of a game.

“You know one of the ways you combat that? You pitch real well and don't allow anybody to get to second base. That's another thing that you can control.”

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