Oriole Bird listed among Forbes' 10 most popular mascots in pro sports

The Baltimore Sun

The Orioles have been getting quite a bit of national pub these days. They've been rising up everybody's power rankings, and this fella who plays third base seems to be a topic of conversation wherever you turn (even after losses like today's).

Well, the Oriole Bird is getting his share of the love, too.

Forbes revealed its 10 most popular mascots in pro sports on Tuesday, and our furry friend who patrols the aisles at Camden Yards is among them.

As they explain, the mascots were chosen on the following crieteria: "Awareness, likeability, attention-getting, photo-friendliness, interaction and fun." Fans were also asked if a given mascot happened to be his “absolute favorite” or “one of my favorites.”

The Orioles' success on the field seemed to also be a factor in The Bird being chosen.

"Manages to rate as both trendy and traditional," Forbes wrote. "The Bird’s buzz shot up last year with the Orioles ascent to the playoffs."

Apparently their metrics determined that Chicago's Benny the Bull is the top mascot in all of sports.

He "carries the highest straight appeal ... and gets the most photo requests of any mascot."

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