Nolan Reimold says he feels 'lucky' after beaning

The Baltimore Sun

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Nolan Reimold was back in camp today, sporting a very swollen jaw after being hit in the face by a pitch from Rays pitcher Alex Cobb on Friday in Port Charlotte.

But he said he is feeling OK and will be ready to play as soon as the swelling goes down. He suffered only a chipped tooth.

"I think it [the swelling] went down a little yesterday," he said. "I feel pretty good besides the swelling."

Reimold said he never lost consciousness or even "saw any stars" when the ball hit him squarely on the jaw. He stayed down on the field as long as he did because the training staff told him to stay still until they could make sure there was no neck instability. He said he feels very fortunate he was not hurt worse.

"I thought for sure something was wrong because it hit me so square," he said, "but all I've got is a chipped tooth in the back of my mouth. It caught me right in the meat of the jaw, so I guess I'm pretty lucky.

"I didn't see any stars or anything like that, so I knew it wasn't anything in my head. It was just right in the jaw, and I was checking my teeth."

Reimold said he has seen the video of the pitch, and he apparently wasn't too traumatized by it.

"I told them to email it to me so I could send it to people," he said.

He also made sure to pass along a message to Cobb that he was OK and there were no hard feelings.

"It's nobody's fault," he said. "Nobody wants to do that."

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