Markakis homer to left was a rare sight

The Baltimore Sun

It obviously was a good sign for the Orioles that Nick Markakis, who is coming off January abdomen surgery, homered in his first regular-season at-bat.

But what was most impressive is where the ball landed: left field.

It was just the 12th time in 105 career homers, that Markakis planted one to the opposite field. It was his first left-field homer since 2008.

Markakis has hit just 27 homers in his past two seasons – and there are plenty of theories why. He’s never used the abdomen injury as an excuse, but when doctors went into repair the tears they found scar tissue from previous injuries that apparently were undiscovered.

He also almost hit a second home run Friday, but it hit off the fence near the grounds crew shed in right.

Who knows if this is an indication of things to come, and Markakis exhibits more power this year. But it certainly has started off well for a guy who was determined to play on Opening Day.

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