Up on a roof: New deck looks inviting

The Baltimore Sun

    The construction crews are still putting the finishing touches on some of the ballpark renovations this morning, but the new rooftop deck in center field appears to be ready and looks terrific.

    In addition to the large rectangular bar and the two rows of seats facing home plate, the deck also has lots of big, orange couches for fans to lounge on before and during the game. I'm seriously re-thinking the whole press box thing this year.

     When the media was invited to preview the park on Wednesday, it was still a bustling construction site, but there's scarcely any sign of that this morning. There is a ladder leaning against a wall on the flag court, but the work there also appears to be done. Might be time to see if I can preview another Gino Giant before the new concession stands behind the batter's eye open for business.

     I hear it's not just for breakfast anymore.

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