Markakis likely won't swing a bat Friday or play this month

The Baltimore Sun

Friday will mark the three-week point since Nick Markakis had June 1 surgery to remove part of his hamate bone in his right wrist.

The Orioles right fielder was hoping to be able to swing a bat on Friday, then go on a brief rehab stint and rejoin the big-league club during the upcoming homestand.

That’s too optimistic, according to manager Buck Showalter, who said Markakis will be re-examined Friday in Baltimore, but almost certainly won’t swing a bat.

When asked if Markakis could be activated by the end of this upcoming homestand, which begins Friday and ends July 1, Showalter said, “I don’t see that happening, but we’ll see.”

“The doctors, [Friday] is when they are going to see if the wound is closed. He’s still got soreness in the wound,” Showalter said. “Until that goes away he is not going to swing a bat.”

Although hamate bone surgery is common for hitters, the timetable wavers depending on the individual. Three to six weeks of disabled list time before a return is the standard window. Markakis, who has never been on the DL before in his career, was hoping for the shorter end of the estimate.

“He’s actually ahead of schedule, OK? Let’s keep that in mind,” Showalter said. “You look at the track record of these things, he is actually ahead of schedule. But he doesn’t look at it that way.”

Markakis played in 50 games for the Orioles so far this year, batting .256 with eight homers and 26 RBIs. He joined the team on their road trip because he was going stir crazy watching the games on television.

“Believe me, as much as he wants to be playing, we really want to get him off the DL for more reasons than just getting him in the lineup,” Showalter said. “He’s a good load.”

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