Orioles prospect Manny Machado, who will make his major league debut tonight when he starts at third base and hits ninth, met with the media before tonight's game. Here's a transcript of the his interview heading into his big night.

How did you get the news?

“I found out last night, coming off the bus, going into the team hotel. Had the skip call me over and give me the great news.  [I was] very surprised. It wasn’t even crossing my mind, that I was getting called up and when he told me I was just in shock.”

How comfortable are you playing third base?

 “I’m very comfortable out there. Every day I try to be proactive, I try to take a couple ground balls at third base after I catch my grounders at short. I am pretty comfortable out there. So, I’m really looking forward to it.”

What will be the biggest transition in moving to third?

“Just the comfort level, getting used to playing third base every day, it’s a different position. Shortstop you are captain of the team. You are the leader out there. And third base you are kind of still, not as much movement going on.”

You spent a lot of time in big league camp this spring training and you’ve been around a lot of major leaguers. Does that help making the adjustment to the big leagues?

 “Oh, yeah. It has helped me. They talk to me every once in a while, I try to keep in touch. And they give me advice on baseball and on the field and off the field problems. It’s great to have that on my side.”

How excited are you?

 “I’m super excited. I’m beyond excited.”

How was it walking into the Orioles clubhouse today?

“It was great. Everybody came up to me and congratulated me. It was just a great feeling. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now. And it’s, finally, it’s here. This is the highest level but I am still going to go out there and try to play my game. Just go out there and have fun, and not put too much pressure on myself. Just do me. “

How did you see yourself grow up playing the last few years in the minors?

“Yeah, it’s a tough adjustment. The biggest one was living on my own, away from home.  And I’ve taken that pretty well. And talking to these older guys down in the Minor Leagues you really learn how to mature yourself and how to go about your business”.

Everywhere you’ve been, you’ve been the top prospect and you’ve been depended on to do a lot of things. You join this team in a pennant race. Does  that help ease the pressure?

“A little bit. I’m just trying to go out there and play. I’ve always been a top prospect and here I’m just a regular third baseman. A young, 20-year-old trying to make it in the League and play and stay here.  So, yeah I think it will be a little easier to go out there and go and have fun.”

Who was your first call to? 

“My mother. Yeah they will be here. “