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Jimenez talks about his first loss as an Oriole

The Baltimore Sun

Ubaldo Jimenez said he felt like his first outing as an Oriole didn’t go badly – except for the two mistakes that turned into two-run homers in a 6-2 loss to the Boston Red Sox.

The first was a 91-mph fastball to David Ortiz in the third inning that was a little bit up, but otherwise caught the inside of the plate.

Not a bad location, yet the Red Sox slugger turned on the ball and catapulted it into the flag court beyond right field.

“That was a good pitch,” Jimenez said. “It seems like he was looking for that pitch, and he hit it good.”

His other mistake in the fifth was undeniable -- another 91-mph fastball that was supposed to be thrown outside. Instead, it was directly in the middle of the plate, and Mike Napoli crushed it over the center field wall.

“But the one to Napoli, I would definitely like to have that back,” Jimenez said. “0-2, big mistake. I was trying to go away and left it right down the middle.”

Otherwise, Jimenez limited the damage, lasting six innings and allowing four runs, five hits and three walks while striking out six. Seven of the 18 outs he recorded were in the air.

“Usually I get the ball down,” he said. “That’s something I’ll have to work on in my bullpen and get ready for my next one.”

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said he thought, overall, Jimenez did just fine.

“Good. Made a couple mistakes. Wasn't going to be much of a margin for error with [Boston’s John] Lackey ... sharp tonight. [Jimenez] pitches like that all year, he'll win his share of games."

Jimenez said he wasn’t nervous -- he was having fun. He just couldn’t keep a good hitting team off the scoreboard.

“You always want to win. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time or last one or in midseason. You always want to win,” he said. “But, it is part of the game. That’s how it goes. I still have 30 more [starts] to go. I have to get ready for my next one.”

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