Thome said neck spasms not related to back issues

The Baltimore Sun

Orioles designated hitter Jim Thome said doctors confirmed Saturday afternoon that the discomfort in his neck is being caused by spasms and he is hopeful within a day or two he'll be back in the lineup.

"Basically what I have is a spasm up in my upper neck, trap area," said Thome, who is hitting .261 with two homers in 18 games for the Orioles. "I woke up today and I was just a little more stiff than I have normally been. I came in and it was something that never really changed. So I brought it to (the medical staff's) attention and we are going to try and get it out of there as quick as we can."

Thome said he is getting treatment -- including ultrasound -- and will also take anti-inflammatory medication. The 41-year-old Thome said the muscular spasms are not related to the lower back issues that have plagued him in the latter part of his career.

"I'd say in a day or two hopefully it will be fine," he said.

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