Holding newborn daughter 'took my breath away,' Miguel Gonzalez said

The Baltimore Sun

Right-hander Miguel Gonzalez returned to the club Friday as a proud new father, showing photos of his baby daughter, Leah, around the Orioles clubhouse.

Gonzalez missed the birth of his daughter, Leah, by five hours Monday night, but seeing his wife and baby that night was an unforgettable experience.

“As soon as I got there, I got the chills,” Gonzalez said. “I got in the room, I gave my wife [Lucia] a big hug and a kiss and congratulated. As soon as I held the baby, it took my breath away. I didn’t sleep much, but it was one of the best feelings ever in my life.”

While he was away, Gonzalez threw Tuesday and Wednesday with his cousins and brother to stay loose. He is slated to start Saturday.

“That’s going to help for Saturday’s game.” Gonzalez said. “[Being a father] is going to be even more motivation to pitch well. I’m always going to have my wife and daughter’s support 100 percent all the time.”

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