That first month after surgery was hard, seeing everybody playing, and I'm just sitting on the couch resting. It was hard. But after I started doing my shoulder exercises and stuff like that, seeing progress helped.

On whether he feels stronger now:

Definitely, my shoulder because I've never done so many shoulder exercises in my life. In high school, I didn't know a whole lot of shoulder stuff. I just worked out and long tossed and did some mini-band stuff for my shoulder. Right now, we're doing a lot of exercises and definitely my shoulder feels a lot stronger than it has been, so I know coming back that if I keep doing these exercises, it should feel great.

On whether it will change the way he works out:

There are some things we’ve already changed as far as what I have done in the offseason. As far as workout-wise, there’s some stuff that I’ve changed that I don’t do anymore. It could be for the better. You learn as you go. I changed some stuff last year in my offseason program that might have hurt me, might have not. You never know. But as you get older, your body changes. You’ve got to change with it.

On whether those changes involve less lifting and more arm strengthening:

Not so much less lifting, I mean, yes, we’re doing less upper body, just because I’m still six months out, but mainly some of the exercises I did back then, because I told them what I did in the offseason -- you know, communication is huge between us -- I was being honest with them and telling them what we were doing. We cut some of it out. But we also do some of the stuff I have been doing, which mainly is legs for me.

On his main focus now in rehab:

Right now, [Walker] told me the main thing is throwing. That’s what my job is, to pitch, so the main thing is throwing. Before I started throwing, the main thing is getting your shoulder exercises done every day -- and elbow exercises, whatever you’re doing that day. That was the main goal -- to do that right and do it correctly and stay on it. And now every other day, it’s throwing. That’s the main goal. That’s what you want to accomplish every other day and do it right and get good use from it.

On whether he can see himself helping the major league club in the second half of the season:

I don’t look at it that way. I look at it like I want to be competing by mid-June, something like that, and hopefully no setbacks happen. As far as getting back to the big leagues, that’s their decision. That’s up to [manager] Buck [Showalter] and the front office people. However it goes, that’s how it goes. I can’t really predict the future.