Chris Davis pops hand blister during Home Run Derby; says he's fine

The Baltimore Sun

NEW YORK -- Early in the second round of Monday’s Home Run Derby, Orioles slugger Chris Davis said he felt a blister pop in the middle of his right palm.

Relax, Orioles fans. He says it is something that happens every now and then. And he is fine, no concerns for Tuesday’s All-Star Game or beyond.

“I just had a blister and it blew up and opened on me. It’s something that happens once a year. Not a big deal,” he said. “I’ve had this happen before. I think I’ve had it, actually, every year I’ve played. It comes with the territory. The way I hold my bat; the knob’s in between my ring finger and my pinkie finger and it’s just kind of part of [creating a blister].”

He also was using new batting gloves. He had it set up with teammate Adam Jones that if he needed them, Jones would bring over Davis’ usual batting gloves, which are padded in the palm. Davis took a break with eight outs – and four homers – in the second round to switch gloves.

“I think it was just new batting gloves and a lot of swings,” Davis said.

Overall, Davis said he had a blast – though he didn’t advance past the second round – hitting a total of 12 homers (eight in the first; four in the second).

“Awesome. Awesome, it is definitely something I am glad I did, get out there and do something I’ve really dreamed about my whole life. And it didn’t let me down, not disappointed in any way,” Davis said. “Obviously, you want to try to win it, but once fatigue starts to set in you do what you can. These guys are special players and to go out and do what they did is really impressive.”

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