Predicting a World Series championship for the Boston Red Sox

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OK, so we’ll keep the mood lighting real dark in here. Black with a hint of purple. No gold lighting, I promise. We poured all the Iron City down the drain, too.

Tough loss in Pittsburgh for the Ravens. I’ll leave the Monday morning breakdown (opposed to the Ravens’ Sunday afternoon breakdown) to The Baltimore Sun’s football guys (thankfully, after that performance).

So let’s talk baseball in the bar today. There are only two teams standing -- the clubs with the best regular season records in their respective leagues: the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals.

In March, I had the Red Sox finishing fifth in the division. So much for that whole expert tag.  But after watching them a bunch of times this season, it was clear to me they were built for the postseason. Good pitching, good defense, guys who can get on base and guys who can get them home.

So I had the Red Sox beating the Detroit Tigers in six in the American League Championship Series. I need to trumpet that pick since I completely blew the National League Championship Series. I seem to continually underestimate the St. Louis Cardinals. And I think that’s because the Cardinals are more substance than style.

They really don’t do anything eye-popping. They just win. And their pitching was incredibly impressive against the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were the sexy pick.

Now the Cardinals and Red Sox face off. I’m going to be consistent and disrespect the Cardinals again. Both teams have excellent pitching -- the Cardinals’ might be better -- but I think the Red Sox will find their runs. They’ve been great at that this year.

Plus, honestly, I’m pulling a little for Boston closer Koji Uehara, who I really enjoyed covering for 2 1/2 years. I’ll never forget him breaking down in tears outside of the visitors’ clubhouse in Yankee Stadium while we interviewed him after his trade to Texas in 2011.

That trade obviously worked out for the Orioles – with Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter coming to Baltimore – and Uehara’s career has gone well, too.

Now he has a chance to be a World Series champion. And my money is with his Red Sox teammates to win in a well-pitched classic that goes the distance. I say Red Sox in seven. I’ll give Dustin Pedroia the World Series Most Valuable Player trophy.

How about you?

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