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Predicting the winners of the Major League Baseball playoff series

The Baltimore Sun

Hey, just because the Orioles’ season is finished doesn’t mean the bar is closed.

Come in and drown your sorrows and give me your predictions for the Major League Baseball playoffs. We’ll revisit them after this round.

I had to do the American League Division Series preview capsules and offer my predictions.

So here goes: I am taking the Oakland Athletics in five games over the Detroit Tigers and the Boston Red Sox in four over the scrappy Tampa Bay Rays. I just think the Athletics are exceptionally well-balanced, and the Red Sox, sadly for many of you, may be baseball’s best team.

In the National League, I’ll go with the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games and the St. Louis Cardinals in five. Keep in mind, I had the Angels and the Nationals in the World Series in March, so I had to adjust a little.

Now, how about you? Don’t jump ahead. Just give me your predictions for this round.

Daily Think Special: Who wins this round of the MLB playoffs and in how many games?

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