What's your favorite story about Orioles Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson?

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The Orioles are off today. And I'm traveling from Kansas City on my way to Pittsburgh.

I could try to do some analysis on what the four-game split over the weekend against the Royals meant, but, frankly, I’m still trying to figure the Orioles out.

They can hit. They can pitch. They can’t seemingly do it all at once. And sometimes they can’t do either.

So I figured we’d switch to a little more pleasant topic in the bar today while we take a couple days to chew on peanuts and the Orioles' first seven weeks.

Hall of Fame third baseman Brooks Robinson turned 77 on Sunday. Hard to believe.

So I figured we’d have a little celebration today. All drinks are 77 cents. Or you can buy four and get No. 5 free.

I want to hear about your favorite memory of Brooks. It could be on the diamond or something more personal.

Mine is more of a snapshot than a memory.

I have a picture of me, probably age 2, on Robinson’s lap during one of his promotional stops at the Crown gas station on Loch Raven Boulevard.

It’s a great picture. Brooks was still an All-Star at the time, though he was in his 30s by then. And I was an innocent cherub. Imagine that.

I’m sure everyone my age or older has a similar tale.

So come to the bar and tell them. Order our drink special made from the broken-down Big Red Machine in the back. And throw the peanut shells on the floor if you like. The Human Vacuum Cleaner will get them soon enough.

Daily Think Special: In honor of his birthday, tell your favorite Brooks Robinson story.

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