Confusion in third inning Sunday after Adam Jones forgets number of outs

The Baltimore Sun

OAKLAND, Calif. -- A peculiar play unfolded in the third inning of Sunday's game when the Oakland Athletics' Josh Donaldson hit a fly ball to center fielder Adam Jones with one out and runners at first and third base.

Jones caught Donaldson's fly ball before beginning to jog back to the dugout — thinking it was the final out of the inning — instead of throwing home, where Yoenis Cespedes was headed after tagging up from third base.

The move seemed to confuse everyone, including Donaldson and Cespedes, who hesitated for a moment between third and home before scoring.

“When it happened, it was one of those things [where] I didn't know if the scoreboard was wrong,” Donaldson said. “I went up there, thought there was one out, like, ‘OK, sac fly.' Then I saw him running off, and I was like, ‘I hope that's a sac fly!' That's a bad feeling for anybody. I've done that a couple of times myself. It's not fun. That said, he's a really good baseball player.”

Several Orioles players took Jones' cue and started toward the dugout.

“It looked like the whole team was coming off,” Athletics manager Bob Melvin said. “It's amazing how one guy can affect everyone out there. In the dugout, we're hoping he stays up the middle, gets a fly ball — and the next thing you know, it felt like both teams were coming off the field. … Something where one guy does something and everyone follows the lead. It was a little odd.”

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