On opportunities against Chen: “Well, we had some, and we weren’t able to capitalize. He made some pitches when he had to, and obviously it was a pretty well-pitched game on both sides, and that why it ended up the way it did.

How did Chen get out of those jams: “I thought he pitched inside pretty effectively tonight to some of our right-handed hitters. I talk about his fastball, it seems to get on hitters quicker than what the speed indicates, and that’s one of his strengths. I thought he threw some good off-speed pitches when he was behind in the count as well.”

On Ichiro’s play at the plate: “It’s an incredible play. They put together a good relay and we knew that Davis has a strong arm, Andino has a strong arm, and somehow he got around Wieters. Wieters is not an easy guy to get around, I can tell you that with the size of him, but somehow he did it.”

Shortstop Derek Jeter

"You don't come here saying you want to split. You come here wanting to win every game, and we didn't win today."

"We're in a battle. We've been battling all year, and today, they were better than us."

On Chen: "He was hitting his spots. He was going after guys, challenging people, throwing his fastball. He was hitting his spots today."

First baseman Mark Teixeira

"They made some really good pitches when they needed to."

On Chen: "In and out, in and out. He didn't leave many pitches over the middle of the plate at all. He's one of the very few pitchers where you have to make him get the ball down. He kept the ball up in the zone, so a lot of pop-ups, a lot of fly balls. He was really good tonight."

Starting pitcher Andy Pettitte

"It was a tough game. Obviously the game came down to I made a mistake to Davis. I just left him a ball right in the middle of the zone to hit. And that was a serious mistake by me in that situation. Really, obviously, that pretty much cost us the game."

"Their guy did a great job of making his pitches when he had to."

"I felt really good early and pretty suspect after that. The stuff was real crisp early, and I didn't feel like I was very sharp after that."

"I just kind of the lost the feel for my stuff a little bit."