Here are some quotes from both clubhouses following the Orioles’ 3-2 ALDS Game 2 win over the Yankees Monday night at Camden Yards:


Manager Buck Showalter

On evening the series:  “You know the math is you’ve got to win three or lose three, so I think you’d know what I’d be talking about if we weren’t able to win. It’s one win closer to winning three. We got through Texas knowing we had to win 11 games and starting out winning three is hard. We know it’s a tough task ahead of us, but you like the mathematics of it after tonight. At least you’re one step closer.”

On success at Yankee Stadium: “Just because you’ve been there, I don’t think anybody thinks that any preclusion [or] a give on how you’re going to play. I think our guys are very realistic. They understand the tough task ahead of them regardless of what’s happened in the past. I think that all gets thrown out the window when you get into this situation.”

On Chen’s preformance: “I'm really proud of Wei-Yin. All year long you think of all the challenges that have been with him since day one of spring training and I think his teammates have done a really good job of making his path easier and making him feel good. [He's] probably one of our best-conditioned athletes. That's why the five-man rotation he's been so good with, and we got him at 26 out of Japan. Before you got a lot of guys at 30, 31 that have some wear and tear.”

Right fielder Chris Davis

On rebounding from Game 1 loss: “I think that’s been big for us all year, the fact that we’ve been able to put our losses and our low points behind us and really learn from them and bounce back. I mean, we’ve had contributions from everybody all year. Chen has obviously been awesome. He did a great job tonight, but we’re really just kind of putting the negative behind us and moving on. It’s been big for us all year.

Catcher Matt Wieters

On Chen’s performance: He's been a solid starter throughout the year. He's going to go out there and throw the ball the way he did tonight. He pitched plenty of big games over in Japan and Taiwan. You never know how it's going to translate, but when he goes out there, he's got the mindset that he's going to win."

On the bullpen: "It's a way to shorten the game. They've been great for us all year and they come out and keep doing what they've been doing all year."

On whether he tagged Ichiro: "I thought I might have nicked a button, but it was close. He's quick and he made a pretty good move. I wish I could have got him, but maybe a leather strap nicked a button or something."

Was Ichiro out of baseline?: "No, at home you pretty much can go anywhere in the dirt and you'll be fine."

On  Pettitte: "He was good. Didn't seem like he took too much time off. He had his cutter working and was able to locate both sides of the plate."

Starting pitcher Wei-Yin Chen (through interpreter Tim Lin)

Everybody was talking like I didn't really pitch good against lefties, but tonight I felt like I pitched good against lefties and against righties too. And today I just kept the down and lowered my pitch count. The only thing I wanted was just keep pitching. I don't want to think too much, and the defense, they helped me out.

Of course I'm feeling like its a little different now because this is the major leagues here. But there's one thing. We want to win. I want to help the team to win. That's my hope and my dream.

The experience of playing in Japan and the states is a totally differen feeling and of course like today, [I wanted to] win the ballgame, but that's not just because of me, that's because of our team. Those guys behind me did a really good job tonight, especially Wieters. He's the man. And of course the guys behind me played wonderful defense  and swung the bats really well tonight.


Manager Joe Girardi