Quotes about the Mitchell report

George MitchellLead investigator

"Everyone involved in baseball over the past two decades -- commissioners, club officials, the players' association and players -- shares to some extent the responsibility for the Steroids Era."

Bud SeligBaseball commissioner

"If there are problems, I wanted them revealed. [Mitchell's] report is a call to action, and I will act."

Donald FehrPlayers union chief

"Many players are named. Their reputations have been adversely affected, probably forever. Even if it turns out down the road that they should not have been."

Rusty HardinAttorney for Roger Clemens

"It is very unfair to include Roger's name in this report. ... He has not been charged with anything, he will not be charged with anything and yet he is being tried in the court of public opinion with no recourse. That is totally wrong."

Sen. Jim Bunning Hall of Fame pitcher

"I believe that those players who tried to gain an unfair advantage by using these substances should have their records stripped."

Jose CansecoFormer major leaguer and admitted steroid user

"All I can say is, the Mitchell Report is incomplete."

Mitch AlbomColumnist, Detroit Free Press

"A big rock splashed Thursday. If you believe it is true, then no team can say it never had a steroid or hGH user. And no player in the last decade can say he never shared a roster with a cheater."

Curt SchillingBoston Red Sox pitcher

"Look, if you ordered hGH or steroids, in your name, and there is documentation to prove that you did, please do us all a favor and admit you made a mistake and move on."

Dana PerinoWhite House press secretary

"The president hopes that this report marks the beginning of the end of steroid abuse."


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