Twenty questions: 1983 Orioles

Test your knowledge of the '83 Orioles by taking our quiz.

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  • 1. Who led the Orioles in on-base percentage during the 1983 season?

    • A. Ken Singleton

    • B. Eddie Murray

    • C. Cal Ripken Jr.

    • D. A and B

  • 2. Which Orioles pitcher allowed the most home runs in 1983?

    • A. Storm Davis

    • B. Dennis Martinez

    • C. Jim Palmer

    • D. Scott McGregor

  • 3. Which Oriole, in a phone call with Ronald Reagan after winning the 1983 World Series, said this: "Mr. President, you tell those Russians we're having a great time over here playing baseball."

    • A. Eddie Murray

    • B. Rick Dempsey

    • C. Cal Ripken Jr.

    • D. Jim Palmer

  • 4. Cal Ripken Jr. led the American League in at-bats, hits, runs scored and doubles on his way to the 1983 AL MVP. How many runs did he score that year?

    • A. 119

    • B. 121

    • C. 123

    • D. 125

  • 5. The Orioles finished first in the American League East in 1983. What was their record?

    • A. 97-65

    • B. 96-66

    • C. 98-64

    • D. 99-63

  • 6. Cal Ripken Jr. won the American League MVP award in 1983 and Eddie Murray finished second. What was Ripken's margin of victory?

    • A. 54 votes

    • B. 32 votes

    • C. 16 votes

    • D. 9 votes

  • 7. The 1983 Orioles finished first in the American League in two offensive categories. What were they?

    • A. Home runs and OBP

    • B. OBP and doubles

    • C. Runs and walks

    • D. Runs and home runs

  • 8. Closer Tippy Martinez posted a career high in saves in 1983. How many did he have?

    • A. 19

    • B. 20

    • C. 21

    • D. 22

  • 9. On Aug. 24, 1983, Tippy Martinez came in during the 10th inning against the Toronto Blue Jays. He stunned Orioles fans by consecutively picking off three Blue Jays from first base. Who was catching?

    • A. Rick Dempsey

    • B. Joe Nolan

    • C. Dave Huppert

    • D. Lenn Sakata

  • 10. Legendary Orioles pitcher Jim Palmer started only 11 games in 1983. What was his record?

    • A. 5-4

    • B. 6-5

    • C. 5-6

    • D. 6-4

  • 11. Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken Jr. had a rough start to the World Series, batting a combined .161 through the first four games. How many RBIs did they have, combined, before Game 5?

    • A. None

    • B. One

    • C. Two

    • D. Three

  • 12. As the Phillies' Gary Maddox lined out to Cal Ripken Jr. to end Game 5, an announcer said, "A liner and the Orioles are the world champions!" Who made the call?

    • A. Earl Weaver

    • B. Al Michaels

    • C. Howard Cosell

    • D. Sparky Anderson

  • 13. In addition to leading the team in wins in 1983, Scott McGregor logged the most complete games by an Oriole that season. How many did he have?

    • A. 12

    • B. 10

    • C. 9

    • D. 11

  • 14. Cal Ripken Jr. had a big year in 1983. Which of the following statements are true?

    • A. He became the first player to win an MVP in the year following his Rookie of the Year award.

    • B. He led the AL in hits, doubles, and runs scored.

    • C. He played in his first 162-game season.

    • D. All of the above

  • 15. Cal Ripken Jr. also had a standout year defensively in 1983. Which of the following statistics did he lead the league in?

    • A. Assists

    • B. Double plays

    • C. Putouts

    • D. A and B

    • E. A and C

    • F. All of the above

  • 16. Eddie Murray wasn't playing like his usual self for the first four games of the World Series. What did he do to change his routine before his offensive outburst in Game 5?

    • A. Shave his mustache

    • B. Skip batting practice for two days

    • C. Throw sunflower seeds at the Phillies

    • D. Grow a beard

  • 17. After winning the World Series, the Orioles celebrated in the locker room by drinking and covering each other with 240 bottles of what alcoholic drink?

    • A. National Bohemian beer

    • B. Great Western Extra Dry champagne

    • C. Budweiser beer

    • D. Korbel champagne

  • 18. Mike Boddicker baffled hitters with his curveballs, and a unique "junk" pitch. What was it called?

    • A. Foshball

    • B. Forkball

    • C. Forkscrew

    • D. Fishball

  • 19. Who did the Orioles have sing during the seventh inning stretch of Game 1 at Memorial Stadium?

    • A. Wild Bill Hagy

    • B. Michael Jackson

    • C. John Denver

    • D. Frank Zappa

  • 20. The bottom of the Orioles' batting order became known as the Three Stooges. Rich Dauer was Larry and Todd Cruz was Curly. Who was Moe?

    • A. Ken Singleton

    • B. John Lowenstein

    • C. John Shelby

    • D. Rick Dempsey




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