Orioles analysis: Buck Showalter's nuggets

Buck Showalter wanted this season to be about winning. Instead, it has been another year of evaluating while watching the losses mount. In his first full year as Orioles manager, Showalter has had plenty of time to study his players, or as he once called the process, searching for nuggets. He's not showing his hand, but in observing him this year, it's not difficult to get a sense of whom he feels he can build with, those who serve a purpose for the short term, those who will be gone soon and those who are on the nugget-status bubble. With four games left in the Orioles' 14th losing campaign, here's our take on where the majority of the 2011 Orioles fit for next year and beyond. Sure, things will change as the offseason progresses, but this is the sense now. -- Dan Connolly
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