The medley begins

August 10, 2008: Sunday morning with Michael and George Since my number one priority today was to shoot Phelps, I choose the elevated finish line position and a 600mm lens to isolate Phelps in the frame. The risk that is inherent comes with which way the winning swimmer will celebrate when he or she wins. It is very possible if the winner looks the wrong way, I could fail to get the jubilation shot that all us photogs crave. While waiting for the session to begin this morning, I was surprised to see US President George Bush sit down straight across the pool from me. President Bush was quite entertaining as he held up an American flag and tried to pump up the American swimmers. As Phelps' first gold medal opportunity began, I used a 70-200mm zoom to photograph the start. I blasted off about 5 or 6 frames and was pleasantly surprised to get a nice image of Phelps' hands entering the water framed by the other swimmers.
Tribune photo by Scott Strazzante
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