LeBron James supports the swimmers

August 13, 2008: Swim and Gym - Double Duty The two big events of Wednesday were Michael Phelps going for two more medals at the National Aquatic Center and the USA women's gymnastics team battling China next door at the National Indoor Stadium. Swimming began at 10am Beijing time while gymnastics got going at 10:30am. The morning events here in China are right on the Tribune's deadline so during all these events I shoot the photos and then hurriedly transfer them to my laptop, edit, caption and then send them off to Chicago, all on the arena's wireless network. Today's plan originally was to bypass swimming and concentrate on gymnastics but John Konstantaras, the sports picture editor back at home and I decided that I would try to do both. The USA men's basketball team, including LeBron James, showed up to support the swimmers and sat in the middle of the squad's cheering section on the pool deck.
Tribune photo by Scott Strazzante
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