He passed along that knowledge to Porter 25 years ago.

Now, both will do the same with Rubio.

"It helps," Adelman said about a point guard teaching a point guard. "You can point things out easier to him as to what he's going to have to do — especially in this league — to keep getting."

Adelman was asked if believes some players were born to play the point.

"I think so, but guys can teach themselves," he said. "Terry Porter did. Some guys are just natural the way they handle the ball, the decisions they make and I really think it comes with the way they grew up and where they played.

"You can tell guys who have played it their whole life."

It has taken Adelman less than a week to recognize Rubio as one of those guys.

"There's no doubt he is," Adelman said. "He has been doing it his whole life. He's used to playing a certain way and he's going to have to change it a little bit. … The thing I'm really impressed with, he's really a smart player. He just doesn't know what he's supposed to do. He knows what everybody else is supposed to do and where they're supposed to be.

"And he's not afraid to talk about it. You can tell he's just a natural point guard."

Natural, smart, precocious, ambitious …

It almost sounds like Rubio is after Adelman's job, doesn't it?

"There are a lot of times he can have it," Adelman said.