Los Angeles Times

It's pretty much a wash. It's fewer games, but they're jammed into an incredibly compressed time frame.

The modified schedule probably does favor teams that have had their cores together for a few years with entrenched coaching staffs. Teams such as the Lakers that are learning new offensive and defensive schemes under a new coach will not have as much practice time between games to figure things out.

Lakers coach Mike Brown said he wouldn't try to overwhelm players with too much too soon and would continue to implement his schemes well after the season opener. The Lakers can only hope they're not in a deep hole by then.


It's going to be a blur

K.C. Johnson

Chicago Tribune

The compressed schedule will be a slog for all teams, but look for the experienced ones to navigate it most efficiently.

Here's why: All legs will be tired. But those players who know how to take care of their bodies, who know how to turn practice days into classroom off days, who know the team's plays and system will succeed.

This is where teams like the Bulls can shine. Their entire core is back. The veteran coaching staff knows how to make the most value of off days. So deep teams will benefit.

It's going to be a blur. Many players who lived the 50-game season in 1998-99 still claim it's the worst basketball they've played. But it doesn't have to be beautiful in this season, just efficient.