Of course, Pacers coach Frank Vogel said before his team's playoff series last spring against the Heat that the Heat were "the biggest flopping team in the NBA."

Maybe so. Maybe not. But against LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and company, flopping can be a valuable asset. Same goes for teams that face Kevin Durant's Thunder.


Cavs may be in trouble

Ben Bolch

Los Angeles Times

Is Vlade Divac still around? Actually, we might need to wait to see where Derek Fisher ends up to know definitively which team will suffer the most from the new anti-flopping rule.

As the NBA is currently constructed, Cleveland stands to be the biggest loser because of notorious floppy-haired flopper Anderson Varejao. According to a Sports Illustrated poll of players, Varejao is the league's worst flopper (Fisher, by the way, came in No. 4 and the ghost of Divac wasn't listed).

San Antonio will also feel the pain of not being able to fake pain with noted flopper Manu Ginobili (No. 2 on the list). And so will Phoenix, which was already in plenty of agony with Steve Nash having departed. Luis Scola arrives only to learn he can't fake getting fouled?