Team USA has depth, athleticism and defense in abundance. It lacks perimeter shooting but should be able to get into transition often enough to prevail.

USA has nothing to fear

Los Angeles Times

Mike Bresnahan

Derrick Rose won't play basketball anytime soon, Dwight Howard's back is bumming him out and NBA players are still recovering from 66 games in 121 nights (and that's just the regular season), but Team USA has nothing to fear.

Other countries have experienced the same fatigue and injury issues, and they don't have nearly as much depth.

Take Spain, for example.

Team USA's main competition will be without Ricky Rubio (knee injury) and must feature Pau Gasol, who looked incredibly fatigued/saddened/disheartened while averaging 12.5 points and shooting a dismal 43 percent in the playoffs for the Lakers.

Injured Team USA hopefuls Chauncey Billups and LaMarcus Aldridge can relax. So can U.S. basketball fans. The gold medal will still be theirs in London.