The Magic have had a "The Decision" moment throughout the season. At least Howard has one-upped LeBron James in one category. When was the last time anyone discussed anything about Orlando's play on the court? It has gotten to the point where it seems wins and losses are secondary.

Howard has made it clear he wants out. So it's time for the Magic to grant his wish and start the rebuilding process. Get it over with already.

Get something in return

Brian Schmitz

Orlando Sentinel

I'd move the entire franchise to New York. Wouldn't lose him then.

Seriously, I'm in the compensation camp on Howard. I think the Magic need to get something in return if they can, assets that won't hurt your salary cap or a rebuilding process.

But it's not as easy to trade a future Hall of Famer as you think. Not when Howard can veto any deal by holding the power to re-sign. Who'd waste sending a nice player to Orlando for the chance to rent Howard?

Howard is the deal-maker and the deal-breaker. He has all the leverage and has been playing NBA hardball, clearing a path to the Nets. The way it looks, the Magic, when the dust settles, are going to come away with dust.