Jeremy Lin is a good story and an even better player than he'd previously been credited for. But I'm less concerned about his point production, 81 points in three games, and more interested in his assist-turnover ratio.

The most impressive thing about Lin is the two turnovers and 10 assists he had in his Feb. 8 debut against the Wizards. His turnovers increased in the following two games (six each), but considering he's had like five seconds to get ready to lead the Knicks' franchise and he has a 5-0 mark, that's nothing.

Lin is absolutely the real deal. The better question is how did so many scouts and NBA "experts" overlook this talent? And how can the Magic get a hold of him?

He's raising Knicks' game

Mike Bresnahan

Los Angeles Times

The signs are everywhere at Madison Square Garden.

The Linternational Sensation. The Lincredible Kid. And, of course, Linsanity.

Jeremy Lin, 23, is deserving of it all.

He has averaged 26.8 points and eight assists in five games, all victories, since the Knicks handed him control of the offense.

Coach Mike D'Antoni's system is definitely point-guard friendly (ask Steve Nash), but there's no way Lin keeps producing like this when Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire return to the team this week.

It's clear the Knicks have found a legitimate point guard and a possible way to threaten the Heat and Bulls in the Eastern Conference.