In the second half, Davis made 10 of his 11 shot attempts, scored 20 points and grabbed four rebounds.

He finished with 28 points and the Magic won 102-93.

Then, during his televised postgame interview, he let loose with some emotion.

"They tried to take it away from us, and our team fought!" he said as he stood on the Amway Center court. "That's what it's about, man! We will compete! If we don't do nothing else, we're going to compete!"

What about his running the court on fastbreaks and his five dunks?

"I'm just doing what I've got to do: blue-collar [play]!" Davis said.

"I ain't first-class. I ain't no upper-class. I'm not executive-class. I'm blue-collar. I'm middle-class and go get thejobdone no matter what."

There was a time when Davis would've allowed a rotten first half and perceived bad calls derail him.

He didn't on Monday.

Davis might be growing up, and he and his team are enjoying the benefits.