#8 Jacksonville Jaguars - Brian Cushing

Linebacker, USC Cushing, Matthews, Maualuga, take your pick, all three USC linebackers could all be drafted in the first 20 picks, and don't expect any to last past 40. I think Maualuga is the best of the three, but scouts tend to lean towads Cushing. He played outside linebacker at USC, but can play inside or outside and will fit into a 3-4 or a 4-3. The Jags run 4-3 but for some reason they're planning to run some 3-4, which I assume means a Dallas style one-gap 3-4. That sounds like a recipe for disaster but good players will make any scheme look good, and Brian Cushing should be a good player. Other options: Orakpo, Raji, Oher
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