Lakers' Steve Blake vs. fan leads to a fine

When Jackson began his taunting, Blake had already been pushed to the edge with a slew of nasty jeers and threats. In last season's playoffs, after he missed an open three-point attempt in the final minutes that would have given the Lakers a Game 2 victory in Oklahoma City, Blake and his wife Kristen were brutally taunted on Twitter, including one tweet that read, "I hope your family gets murdered." Blake revealed Tuesday he received another Twitter death threat this preseason, and that he has long since alerted his local police department and Lakers security of potential problems.

"Unfortunately, yeah, in the back of my mind, everything builds up to an explosion sometimes," he said. "I try to move past it, but sometimes it's tough."

Blake quickly acknowledged that his past issues were no excuse, however, and owned up to his mistake.

"Part of our job is that fans can yell at you, heckle you, things like that, and you have to remain professional," he said. "Unfortunately, I didn't, and I want people to know that from this point on, I will carry myself better."

Good for him. Blake's sense of accountability is why he is so respected in the locker room. So it ends here. Or does it?

Does Lance Jackson's behavior, if it indeed included the profane personal attack that one source claimed, also bear some scrutiny here? Jackson's father pays enough money that his family should be allowed to say whatever it wants, but are the courtside customers subject to the same form of crowd control as those in less pricey sections? You would hope that if Jackson were being insulting and inciting, Staples Center red coats would have warned him just as they would have warned some cursing loudmouth in the upper deck.

"It's a frustrating time, the Lakers had fallen to 0-3," said Lance. "But at the end of the day, it was a misunderstanding, and we move on."

Indeed they do, moving further into a season growing more combustible by the moment as increasingly impatient and angry fans mix it up with increasingly frustrated players.

The only thing in general agreement is, Steve Blake really does need to make those open shots.

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