Dwight Howard can't hold it all together for Lakers

"They called a foul, I told the ref I love you, I got a tech for it," Howard said with a weary grin. "There was no love on the floor."

No love, maybe, but plenty of ball, especially when it was passed to Howard in the fourth quarter. He lost it twice early in the quarter to allow the Spurs to push the lead to 14 and end all hope.

By then, his head seemed totally out of the game, and he finished the quarter taking just one shot while committing three turnovers.

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"You know, they just did a good job of coming up with plays we haven't seen. Some of their guys got hot as we were trying to make a run," Howard said.

"Oh yeah, it's frustrating, you just got to trust my teammates to make shots, and when they go double, triple, whatever they do, beware of my arms, try not to get them tangled up."

Two games into their first postseason with Howard, and the Lakers are all tangled up in questions about his future here. In two games he has 10 fouls, nine turnovers, four offensive rebounds, and only six made free throws.

And, oh yeah, two losses.

"Either we overcome it or we go home. And we don't want to go home," Howard said.

"We fought to get into the playoffs, we fought this far, we're going to keep fighting."

It's nice talk. He has two more games to walk it.



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