It's always sunny in Los Angeles for the Dodgers

"He was talking to his daughter and I told him, 'Danny, get off the phone, Punto just hit a home run,'" Kipper said.

At which point the 68-year-old DeVito realized this joke just became real, threw on the jersey, and began dancing in glee, sunglasses and all.

"When he realized what had happened, he was really into it," Kipper said. "It was sort of magical."

After the game, the magic continued when DeVito was exiting across the field to avoid the crowd crush and ran into — guess who? — Nick Punto. There it was, a "Twins" sequel, a regular guy in a Punto jersey embracing a tiny guy in a Punto jersey, a photo that probably will endure a season.

Said Punto: "He was coming in for the hug, he's a good Italian, I know he's a hugger."

Said Schumaker: "You can't script it any better than that."

One would think. But then Tuesday showed up, when the wonders never ceased.

Baseball's hottest team won its zillionth game in the last month by beating one of baseball's best pitchers, wearing out Matt Harvey and the Mets, 4-2 again. While it didn't appear any stars in the stands were wearing a No. 7 jersey this night — it would not have fit Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — Punto was a star again, leaning out and poking a fastball into left field to score A.J. Ellis and Juan Uribe in the fifth inning to give the Dodgers a 2-1 lead they never lost.

"That Danny DeVito mojo is rubbing off today," A.J. Ellis said afterward with a smile.

Whatever is happening, these early-season underachievers are no longer "L.A. Confidential." The entire sports world knows about them. The Dodgers are about a week from having baseball's best record, less than two months from entering the playoffs with home-field advantage, and right now are clearly baseball's best team.

"I have to admit," said Nick DePunto, "it's pretty wild."



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