"There's always a collection of guys. Next summer is supposed to be a really, really big summer in terms of free agents that are available, and there's no shortage of great players, so I'm sure we'll hopefully have a nice pick."

Who would you rather have, LeBron James or Carmello Anthony?

"I've played with both of them on the USA team. I don't even understand what the rules are; I don't know if I'll get in trouble for all of this stuff, but I enjoy playing with both of them and had a great time playing with them on the USA team."

What does rehab entail?

"It's about three hours, sometimes four, depending on the day. It consists of weight training, manual therapy, modalities, doing the elliptical."

Are you back on the court?

"I can shoot, but they'd just rather me not. And there's no reason to rush it, so I'd rather just wait and let the tendon strengthen and completely heal and go from there."

How much longer do you think you'll remain a Laker?

"I've always kind of said that it's nearing the end, and this is the last chapter, and it is. How many pages in that last chapter, I don't know. But it's definitely the last chapter. I've been rejuvenated somewhat by the injury and inspired by watching what San Antonio was able to accomplish this year, so I'm ready to go for at least another three."

Has the injury rejuvenated you mentally or physically, or both?

"Mentally, I think mentally I'm more locked in, more engaged on the prospects of playing another three or four years."

What do the Lakers need to do to become a championship-caliber team again?

"I think just adding the right pieces. We got certain guys on the team that do things very well and we have certain holes [where] we're lacking that we need to shore up in terms of length and speed and shooting. If we can do that with a couple of guys, obviously Ryan Kelly is a big addition, if we can find a couple of guys who have length and speed, we'll be fine.


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