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I'm sure it's already getting under the skin of many local NBA fans now that Dwyane Wade has won two titles without Shaq as well!

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Blue horizon

The years 1982-1995 are commonly known as "The Mattingly Years" in the history of the New York Yankees. During that 14-year stretch, the famed Yankees never played in a World Series game. The Yankees hit rock bottom in 1990 with a 67-95 record. Their team leader, Mattingly hit .256 with five home runs and 42 RBIs. These numbers from 1990 are similar to those of the Dodgers' 2013 season. See performances of Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.

This 2013 Dodgers team has Don Mattingly's personality. During Mattingly's last six seasons with the Yankees, the team record was 451-454 while leader Mattingly averaged nine home runs per season. Get used to it, Los Angeles.

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Eleven hits Tuesday, 12 hits Wednesday, winners of six in a row going into the weekend.

Who kidnapped the Dodgers?

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Forgotten man

Your excellent article on the Garvey-Lopes-Russell-Cey infield Sunday certainly brought back fond memories, of a time when the Dodgers regularly made it to the World Series and even won a share of them.

The article also mentioned, off-handedly, Bill Buckner's offer to move to the outfield so Steve Garvey could play first. That too brought back fond memories — and not only of getting Garvey away from his cringe-inducing, fan-endangering performance as a third baseman. Despite being best known for his error while playing for the Red Sox during the 1986 World Series, a generation of Dodgers fans remembers Buckner as an excellent hitter with decent speed and an outstanding fielder — not to mention a player who ran out every ground ball at full speed and never gave up on a ball to the outfield. In that way he was Pete Rose without the obnoxious attitude, and it is not surprising to read that he offered to change positions for the good of the team. We grew to expect no less from "Billy Bucks."

Lost in the fog of one mistake is the fact that Billy Buckner was loved and appreciated by Dodger fans during his time with the team. He should know that we, too, have not forgotten.