It is time to give some props to Donald Sterling. Yes, I know all about the past and his history of bad ownership. But for the last seven or eight years he has done everything possible to improve the Clippers. He offered Elton Brand and Baron Davis a ton of money and they dumped on him. He has built a beautiful training facility. He has put together the only team in Southern California, basketball or baseball, worth watching. Now he has hired a great coach.

Donald, you have done much better than that dysfunctional team down the hall!

Vance Lerner



Ben Bolch's giddy comparison of the Clippers to the Lakers in the aftermath of the Doc Rivers' signing highlights the problem the Clippers and their fans (Bolch seemingly one of them) have: comparing themselves to the Lakers rather than measuring themselves against the league. Yes, the Clips were better than the Lakers last year and should be this year. Getting a top draft pick for a dozen years in a row will do that eventually.

But it's time to measure this team against other top teams, not declining ones. The thing is, if you lose four straight to Memphis when it really matters, you still have a lot of work to do. Set your sights higher, Clippers fans. That's how you become like the Lakers.

Frank Shapiro



Now that Bill Plaschke has expressed his undying love for Doc Rivers, the office pool becomes "When does Bill demand the Clippers fire Doc?" Will it be in November when the Clippers are no longer undefeated? February during their grueling Grammy trip? April because they've lost in the first round again? Or May because they didn't win the Western Conference? We all know it will happen, it's just a matter of when.

Michael Tzipori



Hey Lakers, instead of plastering the side of a building with a giant poster to feed the already-supersized ego of one of your grossly overpaid basketball players, why not contribute the money to some food banks? Maybe help build something for the homeless? Help find a cure for cancer?

Gordon Morris


Heat check

When did I move to Miami? You sports section people really think that Lakers and Clippers fans (much less everyone else who wanted the Heat to lose) want to have our Sports section ruined by continual stories about the Heat? They won on Thursday night. I don't want to read about them on Saturday and Sunday too. Enough already!!