Oregon keeps winning, and falling in BCS standings

The Oregon Ducks (7-0) had another impressive victory last week in routing Arizona State but fell from No. 3 to No. 4 in the BCS standings, behind Alabama, Florida and Kansas State. Oregon is being hurt by its No. 6 computer ranking.

Oregon can't afford to keep winning like this. A few more lopsided victories and the Ducks could finish last in the BCS and end up playing in the Toilet Bowl.

On Thursday, Oregon sprinted to a 43-7, second-quarter lead on Arizona State and might have scored a hundred points had Coach Chip Kelly not backed off in the second half.

For its brilliant performance, Oregon was dumped one more spot Sunday in the BCS standings, to No. 4.

That would be a fine spot in two years when the sport moves beyond BCS madness to a four-team playoff.

No. 4 this year, though, is not good.

It wasn't a huge concern last week when the first BCS standings had Alabama, Florida and Oregon in the top three spots.

Alabama and Florida, playing in opposite divisions in the Southeastern Conference, would eventually have to play each other.

This week's standings, though, raise more complicated questions.

Alabama and Florida are first and second again but followed this week by Kansas State.

Oregon is still No. 2 in the Harris Interactive and USA Today coaches' polls but remained harnessed with its No. 6 computer ranking.

Kansas State remained at No. 4 in both polls but used a convincing win at West Virginia to vault from No. 4 to No. 2 in the BCS computers.

And that was enough to jump over Oregon for the time being or, maybe, for good.

The interesting part of these computer machinations is that Kansas State canceled out of its scheduled game against Oregon this season. That forced Oregon to scramble and replace Kansas State with Tennessee Tech, a Football Championship Subdivision team.

That swap certainly didn't help Oregon's computer credibility.

Look folks, it's still early, but it's starting to get interesting.

Take a look at this week's BCS top five: Alabama, Florida, Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame. (USC is No. 9, Trojans fans, moving up one spot this week).

Let's assume Alabama and Florida get to the SEC title game and the loser is eliminated.

What happens if Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame all end up undefeated?

Oregon would have 13 wins because the Pac-12 has a championship game. The Big 12 no longer does and Notre Dame, as an independent, plays 12.

Oregon has a backloaded schedule, with BCS No. 7 Oregon State, No. 9 USC and No. 17 Stanford still left to play.



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