Yes, we're anti-USC, just ask any (unranked) Trojan

David Price

A: My sources are his third-grade milk monitor and two kids hanging out by the Jungle Gym.

It was a joke.

Q: Love that this kid (Manziel) is laying bare the NCAA's duplicity and getting the talking heads hyperventilating all at the same time. Just imagine if he wins the Alabama game.

George Venieris

A: What I imagine is, if he beats Alabama again, how many more autographs he'll have to sign.

Q: I hear that a certain SEC team is only the third- or fourth-best football team in its own state. Or am I smoking bluegrass?

Twitter: @AtomicTango

A: You would think so, given that Louisville is a top-10 team based in Kentucky and Western Kentucky just defeated Kentucky last weekend. Yet, I'm looking at Jeff Sagarin's USA Today rankings and he still has Kentucky at No. 83 ahead of WKU at No. 98.

Sagarin's rankings are used in the Bowl Championship Series formula, so this is another good reason we're going to a selection committee next year.

Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops took a lot of grief when he said last spring the SEC was somewhat overrated because it was so top-heavy. He was not wrong. There is a great conference we should call the SEC 6 and another league with eight other schools. The six top teams in the SEC last year went 30-0 against the bottom eight.

That's more top-heavy than the Oklahoma State Cowboy mascot.

Q: Have you ever seen a sportswriter on "Jeopardy!"?

David Tyler

A: Yes. Our late, great columnist Allan Malamud played a rocket scientist on "Jeopardy!" in Ron Shelton's movie "White Men Can't Jump."

Also, for what it's worth, I won about 20 grand on the intellectually stimulating "Joker's Wild," hosted by Bill Cullen, in 1986.

I'm not going to brag and say the show was more difficult than "Jeopardy!," but the answer I missed that knocked me off was "Starsky & Hutch."


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